After speaking with a smaller electrical contractor I was referred to Keemin who had proven expertise in the energy management field. We were extending our store by approximately 30% and needed to establish if we had enough power on the site to facilitate the expansion.
Initial negotiations with Powercor identified a possible spend of $150k which included the need to provide a site for a transformer which would have taken up approx. 30-40 sq. metres of valuable retail space.
By reducing our energy usage (load) Keemin’s design strategies accommodated the expansion without increasing the demand. This avoided the need for the additional spend with Powercor and saved us $150k alone.
Keemin also identified the opportunity to enhance our retail areas with different coloured more energy efficient lighting that has improved the look of the store dramatically.
By engaging Keemin to design and complete the job we avoided any consultancy fees and now have a larger, cheaper to power store that looks fabulous and can operate without missing a beat through a power failure.
John and all the staff at Keemin are very professional and offer outstanding outcomes. I highly recommend their services to any business.
Your team of experts were here before seven-thirty and departed in the fullness of time having respected Shirley’s hydrangeas!
All I can do is express my thanks and say how pleased I have been from the time I rang, to meeting you within the hour, and the business and friendly like manner to replace our leaking hot water unit.
You can add our name and address to any list of satisfied customers.
Graham Farley
Thanks for the 5 Star Service, you and your Teams performance can only be described as Awesome!!
Jo-Anne & Geoff