Keemin provides residential energy usage assessments to ensure you save money in your home.

As the Solahart dealer for the Ballarat area of Victoria we provide quality Australian made product and excellent customer service both during and after sales.

Once the strategies are established in your business or your home Keemin as licensed electrical contractors can then install and maintain systems including but not limited to PV solar panels, Solar HWS, lighting upgrades. Solahart offer the service from review to completion. No need to deal with third party providers.

As experienced energy consultants we have a detailed knowledge of energy cost structures and can conduct a detailed analysis of your monthly bill to determine and minimise your total electricity use, possible access constraints, and tariff structures to optimise your power quality and supply arrangements. We can also provide advice on all available government incentives.

Specifying, supply & installation of split system air conditioners.
Keemin can handle all your in slab and under tile heating requirements from design, installation to commissioning.

Advantages of in slab heating:
Recommended for people suffering allergies or respiratory complaints such as asthma, caused by moving air or dust particles.
Off peak or peak power – Where off peak or smart meters are available, the system can be connected to reduced rate electricity.
Furniture placement is unrestricted.
No building modifications are required for installation in a new home with a slab floor.
No moving air of draughts, enabling rooms to be adequately heated at slightly lower temperatures.
Quiet, clean and safe.
No maintenance.
A combination of radiant and convective heat provides excellent comfort with little vertical temperature variation, making slab heating suitable for homes with high ceilings.
Even heat distribution throughout a room, no hot or cold spots.

Clipsal C-Bus home automation for lighting control. Light level sensing, motion detection.
Correct lighting levels, installation and retro fitting of energy efficient LED lights.
VEEC scheme replacement of halogen downlights.
System design, supply, installation and maintenance.
Savings and ROI estimations.
Solahart dealer.
Supply, installation and maintenance of solar hot water systems.
Supply and installation of network fibre optic cable.
Installation of Smart Meters.
Supply and installation of CCTV cameras & alarm systems. PIR motion sensors, reed switches, keypads and automatic diallers.
Registered with licencing and regulation division of Vic Pol
Supply and installation of intercom systems with or without video. Supply and installation of intercom systems to common entrances for multiple units in a complex.
Supply, installation, termination and testing of CAT5e & CAT6 data cable and equipment.
Underground installation of all types of cables, power, data, phone, security etc.

Installation of underground cabling to replace overhead power supplies in low and high risk areas. Installation of underground cables to supply power to sheds and other buildings.

Arrange the abolishment of overhead power supply lines that are non compliant or in high fire risk areas with safer and more reliable underground power.