We specialise in tailored holistic solutions

If your organisation is looking to save money on its electricity spend, the starting point should be an understanding of all of the possibilities available to you.

At Keemin we design attainable strategies to assist you or your business to reduce your spend on energy and improve your efficiency. We work to understand your total energy profile before designing realistic and tailored energy management solutions taking into consideration all of the variables specific to your business and your industry.

Discovering ways to save in your business

Create your own

Keemin has vast experience in designing and installing solar PV at commercial sites individually engineered to maximise savings.

Reduce Wastage

Peak energy consumption – Commercial energy prices are based on peak energy consumption. Managing your energy load and generating your own supply saves your organisation money. We devise cost reduction strategies by matching your company’s energy profile with opportunities presented by the right combination of network tariffs, rates and contracts.

Keemin will also assess the appropriateness of load shedding technology.

Reduce Usage

We work in close partnership with suppliers of energy efficient equipment, lighting, refrigeration, heating and cooling systems to enable a holistic approach to the solution.

We design, provide and install all required upgrades – no dealing with third party suppliers or sub-contractors.